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Recent News

MPO+ Outer Heaven 

Metal gear Solid portable ops plus's server has been shut down by konami. due to this effort we have used for a year now an alternative way to play mpo+. We use Coldbird's Atpro "Adhoc plugin". and play on the new server called "Outer Heaven" developed by us. it lets you relive the mpo moments without having to worry about hackers,Autolocker spammers, and trolls from NA. However Japan is a different story. from time to time these days you will encounter that one Japan player that will hack. But its limited now these days. But its still possible to get frozed by Japan's Local soldiers. To prevent this we will soon have a working download link for MPO+ Japan version.This will assure you that you will be safe from getting frozed for no appearent reason at all. If one simply wants to join view our Forum thread.  

 If one is new to the game or is rusty,you can learn or refresh watching these Training vids made by me. Not all videos are complete at this time so stay tuned for more.