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Mother Base Forum Movement

Posted by Username Not Found on November 21, 2012 at 1:40 PM Comments comments (0)

We are sorry for keeping you user's out of information but we have moved nearly all of our discussions over to the new forum for those who are unaware.

Here is the link to the new forum:

Please excuse our absense for we arent talking any conversation on here. we plan to get back on here from time to time.

We shall keep everyone  up to date on any current news.

Have a good day. and long live Outer Heaven!

MPO (Original)'s New Server (Inner Purgatory)

Posted by Nanook52 on August 28, 2012 at 2:50 PM Comments comments (4)

MPO+'s Outer Heaven is a complete sucess. However MPO is now fading away...because mpo original is lower in Favorites it has less rules. meaning you are free to QHS,QSS,and all that. making MPO better for the old pros. plus with the new map hack people have some new scerery to play at... for an example look at this video me and gabe made of us playing on Airport in MPO Japan... this is also a new server called Inner Purgatory..

People who prefer to play alone with NA without Japense players can play this...people who dont care if you QHSed or not... im giving you a hint Do not join if you dont like QHS...

consider this a more peacefull way to play....

Nanook52Productions Rules for the website

Posted by Nanook52 on January 20, 2012 at 12:35 AM

Huh i swore i posted this two months ago....looks like it didnt work....But Anyways

 Here at Base for short)  we dont have very much rules  so listen Because im only gonna post this once(unless this one didnt go through either). ill try to make it short and brief

Terms of Use (Main)

Ok listen these rules apply to the vistorsand Members of Mother Base

Yes we are giving you access to every single item we have found and Conturbute for. That dosent give you a excuse to mess them up


For anyone who visits the site has the privlage to Download anything that is Posted in the download sections such as Video Game Center, Music Center and ect. Just follw these rules and your ok...

. DO NOT Modify,and or industrailize any Product you find. What that Means? it Means dont go tweaking with it or Hacking it unless it was ment to be hacked.

For an Example if we Post a Video game Rom on our site dont go Editing it and OR Modernize it so it looks like your creation. Also you Cannot go downloading and reselling it for your own use. Most of the items we have are Free so it should stay that way when you download it. Each item has its own secret counter that tells who downloaded it, when it was downloaded and How its being used....we dont use this as a way to spy on you or use it to cause damage to your computer. so if your using the item like its not supposed to be used like a Host to a Hacker program, we will be notified and Might led to Internal and Extenral Punishments.

DO  NOT download anything if your Computer is at risk.. that means if you have any Spyware,Viruses and other harmfull stuff it may cause internal Damage to Mother Bases' Core center thingy. Everthing we upload is Scanned for Viruses over 10 times before final upload is complete. Making sure the file you download, wont be the last file you download ever.


Everyone has the privlage to be a member. It is 100% free and not mandatory. Membership is just used to make Motherbase  a growngin Community. joining Motherbase Means your now a part of the Nanook52Productions Family. So follow these rules and youll be ok....

No Spamming or Faulting

Because isnt Spam Proof we cannot afford to have spam removed unless its Mandatory. Also you cant Fault yourself into the website. That Means you cant use the power of Motherbase for your own Freewill. in Simple terms no dont take credit for something you cant control. if you didnt make it, Upload it or Produce it, dont take credit.

No use of Negitive Reinforcements

what this means you cant use this site for your own negitivity  For an Example Using Mother base as a host for a anti Race Program is not allowed.

No Ultor Media Allowed

what this means is anything that is overclassifed as appropiate website attire is not allowed. Profanity is allowed here in this site, but not for Ultor Media. (EXAMPLE: Uploading Nudity,Racial Slurrs and or False advertisement is not allowed. Using profanity to express the following above will result in instant Exile form the site and Nanook52Productions.

(GOOD EXAMPLE: Cursing & Profanity + appropiate reason= Good)

(BAD EXAMPLE: Cursing & Profanity used to Express Sexuall relations+ inappropiate Reason= BAD)

No Overuse Of adminstraitor Privilages

from time to time we may give non Adminstraitors, adminstraitor Privilages fo limited amout of time. when this happens you MAY NOT use you power to Brake any of these rules. that also means you cannot use the power to Virtualy harm another Members account....if we find out otherwise you exiled.

No Impersaniting or hacking other peoples account. isnt hack proof so that means its possible to get hacked. Anyone who even attemps to hack will get IMMITATE EXILE!!!!!!! even though its not hack proof we still have gadgets that tells us who is doing the hacking and who does what to the site. anything you post comes up as you account name even if your using someone else account so TRY ME!! i take hacks and provinces seriously.


i dont expect you to like the other members and i dont expect them to like you...but i DO expect you to at least show them the Proper Respect they diserve. Anyone who Disrespect Members or Staff will get exile Notice and May get exiled in under 3 days. in uder that time you better fix ur mistakes and clean uo your act or Pack your stuff and head to the mountains



if you brake any of the following rules result in the following

1st.Offense(Small Offense only)= Verbal Warning, you will either get a message on you wall or in your inbox about your offense

2nd. Membership Turns from Member  to Limited Member. Once Limited Member you have 3 days to fix your error or you will automatictly be exiled form the site. you will get a Message in your Motherbase inbox on how to fix it and Exile Notice.

see?  not that much too handle. Other than that Enjoy the site and PARTY!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

NEW MPO+ Chat room Game!

Posted by BannanaMan32 on November 8, 2011 at 10:30 AM Comments comments (0)

This IS a Nanook52Productions OFFICIAL IDEA no one can say that they came up with this idea.  We have been going intp VR chat rooms in MPO+ and noticed that 95% are Bored in a chatroom. Now this lead to a lot of things such as people randomly Killing for no reason at all OR they come up with a Game to play. Some ppl play Deathmatch on a chat room (which is stupid) OR we Play  Spy Vs. Guards. SPys vs. Guards is a Fun Chatroom Game created by Nanook52 (+NAN Nanook52+) for  random fun. The Main point of the game is to split everyone up into two teams......The Spys, and the Guards. The spys dont really have a mission but to mees around with the guards. THe guards job is to Patrol around the map and look for the spys.


Spys are recomended to have CQC soldiers and carry almost anything But ure Required to have at least 1 stun weapon such as the MK.22, the Mosin,stun Grenade, And the Stun Knife

Traps are not recomended but have funny results to the guards.

CLAYMORE- 99% works if the guards are playing like thier supposed to (Guards are supposed to play like the Idiots in Story Mode)

GA-KO 95% Works Some guards will follow it, and.....some will shoot the fuck out of it...

MAGIZINE 99% Works.... well this works anyway if u plant it so all guard got to do is walk into it(YOU DONT HAVE TO IF YOUR AN ARTIST)


GUARDS- if you want to be a guard PLEASE PLAY RIGHT! DO NOT KILL OTHER GUARDS (::..JSJ..:: this means you!) Guards Are recomended to have thier messages set to the following for MORE FUN AND MAKE UR JOB EASIER!!!!


This is HQ (optional)

Patrol Here

We Lost them Goin to

ALERT Status OR  Something close to that

Enemy sighted

Requesting Backup OR some thing close to that

Aknowlaged (Optional)

The enemy is still near by (Optional)

Understood (Optional)

Sending reinforcemants (Optional)

NOTE: Not all messages are going to fit so split them up between the team, Someone standby and Be HQ and be backup as well, the rest of ya Patrol the area.


CHAFF GRENADE- Spys if you bring this along, it does work Just like in story mode throw a chaff and no can Chat  so it DOES HELP!!!! Also PLEASE PLAY ON VR MODE BECUAE THE CHAFF ALSO PREVENTS FULTON RECOVERY AS WELL!


SPYS: the best ones in the game are Naked Snake, Raiden,Elisa, Venus, Teliko,Old snake, and roy Campell. you can play as whoeveer you want but  we personly play as Raiden and Elisa


But we recomend the you use A GRU Soldier, Shell 1 core Soldier (Gurlovich),Python,Tengis,Ocelot Male or Female, and USSR, ALSO KGB


any weapon but we prefer that you use  an AK-47, AKS-74u,M16,M4,M4(Silenced),M4(SOPMOD), OR Shotguns



One person can be the Boss in the game and the SPYS can fight at the end but its not recomended,  not enough people can join. Maybe inn MGO!


spys can figure out thier own mission.....if there is one (Dont have to be)

This game is a chatroom game  only so everyone is friends here and we already Trademark this idea on this website so  dont try to steal it or modify it CUZ WELL KILL YOU!!!!! JK :) Or am I O.O


is this stupid? - yes

Is it meaningful- no

is it Fun? - HELL YEA!!!!

we tested this idea in 7 different chatroom and 4/6 (75%) played it cuz there were  just standing there doin nutin

we got everyone to play on this server name METSROCK[FOX] 99% people play it here all Most of the time.







these names all play it so if you see them online....Ask them about it :)


here is how the spys and guards shud act

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Metal Gear Solid Portable Ops

Posted by BannanaMan32 on October 12, 2011 at 1:05 PM Comments comments (1)


— Big BossMetal Gear Solid: Portable Ops (commonly abbreviated to MPO) is a stealth game directed by Masahiro Yamamoto and produced by Noriaki Okamura and series creator Hideo Kojima. Portable Ops was developed by Kojima Productions and published by Konami in 2006 for the PlayStation Portable. It is the third Metal Gear title for the PSP and the first one to retain the series' action-based gameplay. It was the first canonical outing of the series for a portable platform, being a direct sequel to Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater. This is also the first game to utilize graphic novel inspired cutscenes.

Set in 1970 in South America, six years after the events of Metal Gear Solid 3, the game follows the exploits of Big Boss after his former unit, FOX, goes renegade. The game also chronicles the eventual founding of FOXHOUND, as well as the inspiration of the military state Outer Heaven.


Sony PSP or PSP go

Version Update 6.60 or Higher

Be A Nanook52Productions Member

Memory Stick Duo Pro


Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops

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Conker's Bad Fur Day

Posted by Nanook52 on September 21, 2011 at 12:50 AM Comments comments (5)

One of Rare's finest video games ever made. join Conker, a lovable,talented,Wasted and fowl mouth squirrel. who gets wasted one night returning Home and found his way lost. meanwhile the panther king has aproblem with his table and needs it fixed now, ias gonna need a new method in fixing it. Instead of just getting a new piece of wood under it.  Professor Von Kriplespac thaught it would be a good idea to get a red squirrel under it. So as you play in over 10 wacky mission to get home and 9 unique different weapons to use. also feature a awsome multiplayer feature that lets you battle with friends.


Nintendo64 Emulator

(Project64 Recomended)

Nintendo64 Controller Adapter (Optional)


65MB of Free Space

Number Of Players# 4

Mother Base Availibility- Processing (66% Com


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